Marubeni Automotive, as a group company of the Marubeni Corporation general trading company, responsively analyzes and keeps track of the trends in the international auto market and pursues its business with an eye on the future.

"Marubeni Global Network","Professionalism for Automotive Parts" and "Human Resources":

These are our greatest strengths, and our company strives to use the three strengths as our backbone, integrating them into each other, in order to enhance customer satisfaction on a higher level.


Marubeni Network

Marubeni Global Network
To help our customers fully operate their business worldwide, we take advantage of the worldwide network of the Marubeni Corporation general trading company, in order to collect and analyze information in a high-quality way all around the world.

Professionalism for Automotive Parts

Professionalism for Automotive Parts
We promote the implementation of highly reliable projects, based on our many years of solid experience in trading services and overseas production joint ventures in the automotive parts industry.

Human Resources(Manpower)

Human Resources
Our energetic human resources with high potentiality provide complete support for our customer's businesses. These will serve to fulfill customer expectations.